Wow, what a year.  I started out naive and confident followed by an ego beating so hard it left my self-confidence unrecognizable (thanks law school), all documented here.

The bad moments were mostly all due to law school, which is actually something to be thankful for. Ooo how horrible, the worst thing in my life is a valuable higher education.

There were blissful moments, also documented here and mostly password protected and even then, written in partial code.

I think in general this blog has been documenting a metaphysically difficult time in my life, the metamorphosis into adulthood, if you will — I don’t consider college to have given me much direction in that; actually, it was probably the absolute opposite.  What career will I choose? How will/can I contribute?  “Who am I?” of course.

These are all still very uncertain which is troubling.  The answer to the career part alone would leave me a satisfied soul, but it seems I’m far from deciding that.  Oh well, something to talk about for the next year.

Love, Enjolie

Almost a year

January 6, 2009

I started this blog a year ago, I think, mostly in order to bitch about law school grades.  Well, that time has Almost come again.

School starts somewhat soon and I’ve only received one embarrassing B- in Corporations, the exam on which I thought I did my best.

Then I remembered that I missed roughly half the classes, so a B- started to look pretty good.  Bonus, there is a curve, so a mandatory 15% received C’s.  At least 15% did worse than me! Maybe they even wasted their time by going to class while I wrote my screenplay at various coffee shops!

Also, the grade B- had the distinction of being one of the few grades absent among the panoply of its peers across my transcript. Those missing included the A- and the C- and lower. A- ain’t never gonna happen, but let’s hope neither does the C- and his lowly compatriots.

Oh grades season! Giving me things to write about again!

How can I be stressed out when the perfect storm of hotness just arrived?

First my little hopes are crushed then my dad gets cancer. WTF.

I’m sure daddy will be okay, probably won’t even need chemo. Will find out tomorrow but I’m trying to be very, very optimistic. I don’t think anyone here can really believe it.  Cancer has to stop attacking my family, this is not okay.

So I went to my doctor yesterday and told her about my intermittent fatigue spells and after some questioning she told me I was probably just having allergies. This makes sense considering I sneeze almost non-stop when I’m at school. I kind of had the sneaking suspicion once and joked about being allergic to the buildings but I guess it’s true.  Effing law school. Ruining my mind AND body simultaneously!

Her recommendation was Claratin and regular exercise.

People overly zealous about taking rights AWAY from others kind of scare me. I thought to myself, who reads “Eliminates the right” and thinks “Oh Hell Yes!” ?  Well, now I know.

So apparently my most productive paper writing hours are still 11-2am. Damn it.

Lovely day, got me thinkin

October 2, 2008

Will there ever be another  album as good as Black Foliage: Animation Music, or another series as good as Harry Potter? Another book as perfectly comedic as Confederacy of Dunces? Another sky as gorgeous as todays?

Hm, maybe. Particularly the sky. I have high hopes for sky beauty.

Thanks, myself

October 1, 2008

For thinking law school was a good idea and going down the respectable path which ended up being the miserable path and for not pursuing dreams and taking risks even though we’re young. Thanks, conscious mind for that great decision. I am the only one to blame here. Damn it.

is it just me?

August 24, 2008

or is this quote really funny

“Vaccinating older girls and women who have active sexual lives will have an effect but it will be much less than immunising the virgins,” she said.

they’re lying to you

August 21, 2008

if they tell you invisalign doesn’t hurt. because OH MY GOD does it hurt. it feels like someone took a clamp to my teeth. my blood pressure is way up, i can tell. my body is in panic mode, but where are the endorphins damn it!!

okay it’s not THAT bad, but the fact that it doesn’t go away (and probably won’t for a few days) is the killer.

oh, plus i have a minor lisp that only lessens when i Really try hard to enunciate.

yeah, definitely wearing my retainer forever from now on so i don’t have to go through this again (plus, you know the $5000)

i can’t believe (a) all those people actually wanted to come out from near and far to celebrate with me and (b) how good my hair looked.  yep, kick ass two day celebration


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